There is a widely made claim that should all the bees suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth then life as we know it would soon become impossible. The fact is that bees are one of the most important pollinators of crops and naturally occurring plant species. without them, those plants would simply not be able to reproduce – and the consequences would be devastating. However, as useful and essential as bees are they can be a problem when they establish a hive on a residential property. In fact, when disturbed those bees can act extremely aggressively – endangering pets, children, and even adults. There is also the fact that if left unattended a beehive can cause structural damage to the home – and that can cost thousands to repair. It is far better to address the problem as soon as it appears.

It may be tempting for the homeowner to attempt to remove a hive themselves, however, it is far preferable to call in professionals when it comes to bee removal in Florida. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, bee removal can be extremely challenging and any mistakes can lead to life-threatening consequences. Secondly, the temptation to address the bee problem as a DIY project is attractive due to the fact that it may, at least at first glance seem to be a cost-effective option. The reality is very different.

Professional bee removal in Florida ensures that the problem is dealt with properly. Those who are not experienced at the job will often find that the problem returns – and even more costs need to be incurred to effectively rid the property of bees. This is one of those cases when doing it right the first time is far better. there is also the fact that specialized equipment needs to be used to deal with a problem hive. Any homeowner who wants to do the job properly would have to invest in that equipment – that can be extremely expensive, especially seeing as the equipment will (in all probability) only be used once. That is not a great return on investment.

the DIY approach also risks the exposure of the occupants of the home to dangerous chemicals – and chemicals that can have long-term effects on the environment around the home. Chemicals such as allethrin and parathyroid are often part and parcel of over-the-counter bee removal poisons – these are not chemicals that should be handled by the homeowner. professionals have the experience required to handle the substances used in bee removal – and they are often able to employ approaches that are far kinder to the environment than potentially dangerous chemicals.

The homeowner should also consider time and stress. Those inexperienced at bee removal will often waste valuable time doing the job only to have to do it again. We also live in stressful times – and who wants to add to the stress by engaging in challenging and potentially harmful bee remova.

When all is said and done residents of homes in Florida would be far better off simply calling in the professionals.